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Our New Website - Designed by Clue Design

I’m not only one of Hanabishi’s staff, but also a fan of Hanabishi Restaurant.

Owner chef Akio concentrates on cooking to serve customers great dishes. That is only his objective and he is never interested in business and profits.

However to allow him to buy the finest ingredients and use the latest technology in cooking equipment, we have to run a business well. Everyone knows that a web site is one of the most important things for business, but because Akio is not interested in advertisements or the spotlight at all, we have never had a proper web site before.

I created this web site as a gift for Akio and also for people in Australia. Because I love Australia so much, I would like to introduce real Japanese cooking to Australia where fake Japanese dishes still predominate. The development cost for the web site is all on me.

I appreciate the team at Clue Design for providing such a nice support. Their work was done on schedule, with consultation, prompt replies and maximum effort for all my requests which surprised me. Thanks to them, my long term plan finally goes live. Clue Design is my suggested company who cares about your project a lot, if you are planning to develop your web site. Masahiko Iga

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